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Skagit County 4-H

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call Patty at (360) 293-2291


Skagit Valley 4-H Home Page

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Upcreek CoOp Sharecropper Project 
A cooperative effort for the common good.

" Learn to Do By Doing"

4-H is an international youth organization involving over seven million members in eighty countries.  The four H's represent the Head, Heart, Hands and Health. These signify a unique characteristic of 4-H; we are concerned about total development of the individual.

Skagit County is an agricultural area about 1 hour North of Seattle, famous for its tulips, berries and dairies.  Skagit County 4-H has over 500 members.   There are 102 volunteer leaders and a Leaders Council. 4-H Alumni, and 4-H families are active with hours of sustaining work. 

The Skagit County 4-H Foundation was established in January, 1997, as a means of marketing and providing funding for current and new innovative programs.


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