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The Upcreek "Products" page provides information on providers of products and equipment for enhancing the functionality of people with disabilities and other chronic health problems.

Be sure to also see disAbility page.  There are many resources there that overlap this topic page.

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Jun98 ABLEDATA ABLEDATA National Information Clearinghouse. The ABLEDATA database currently lists more than 23,000 products from approximately 2,600 domestic and international manufacturers and distributors. Products listed may be commercially available, one-of-a-kind or prototype devices, custom adaptations of commercially-available products, or do-it-yourself devices. Each product is assigned to an individual product record. The database offers four methods of searching: Manufacturer's directory can be downloaded as a zip file. Keywords: Assistive Devices; Assistive Technology (800) 227-0216 Voice

(301) 608-8912 TTD


Jun98 Access Unlimited Manufacturer of AccessAble Vehicles for People with Disabilities. Also make controls, stand-ease, etc. Has very good links to other disabilities sites. Keywords: Vehicles; Transportation; Adaptive Devices; Adaptive Technology
Jun98 Apple Computer: Disability *Starting Point. over 100 add ons for Mac. Resource sheets for assistive technologies for specific disabilities. What's Jun98. Software, etc. Keywords: Apple Macintosh; Assistive Devices; Assistive Technology
Jun98 Apple Office for Special Education Material (800) 732-3131 ext. 950
Jun98 AT&T Accessible Communications Product Center (800) 233-1222

(800) 833-3232 (TDD)

Jun98 Captioned Films/Video for the Deaf Program (800) 237-6213
Jun98 Center for Rehabilitation Technology (800) 726-9119
Jun98 Center for Special Education Technology (800) 873-8255
Physically Challenged Resource Center (Chrysler Corp) (800) 255-9877
Jun98 Dial A Hearing Screening Test (800) 222-3277
Jun98 Disabled Gardening Gardening for the disabled. A weekly column covering all facets of gardening with an unique twist: whenever possible, specific tips for disabled gardeners will be presented. Keywords: Gardening; Occupational Therapy; Seniors
Jun98 Discovery Technology This site is devoted to sharing information that is pertinent to persons with disabilities and those professionals who provide services. Here you will find a comprehensive list of links, art, information, A pen pals list, ASL Directory, and a huge adaptive software/hardware Web Catalogue. Keywords: disAbility; clipart; ASL; software; adaptive devices; personal
Jun98 Equal Access to Software Resource in access-to-information technologies by individuals with disabilities. Web site specializes in adaptive technology and its impact on science, math, and libraries. Specialized materials for K-12 students, their teachers and parents.
Jun98 I Can Garden Keywords: disAbility; Gardening; Occupational Therapy; Seniors Gardening for the disabled and elderly. The therapeutic Garden. Good ideas. I Can Garden e-mail
Jun98 Info on Assistive Technologies Law Summer issue of Washington Assistive Technologies Alliance has article
Nov98 NC Medical North Coast Medical is a full service supplier of products that help people perform daily activities at home and in the workplace. P.O. Box 6070, San Jose, CA 95150 800-235-7054
Jun98 Perceptual Alternatives Blind and visually-impaired people discover this Australian manufacturer's Electronic Travel Aids, devices designed to use sound waves to "visualize" space much like bat "sonar" does. Keywords: disAbility; adaptive devices Perceptual Alternatives e-mail
Washington (state) Assistive Technologies Alliance The Washington Assistive Technology Alliance (WATA) is a customer advocacy network that includes the AT Resource Center at the University of Washington (ATRC), the AT Resource Center at Easter Seal Society in Spokane (EATRC), and the Washington Protection and Advocacy System (WPAS). WATA is supported by a grant from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) (#H224A30006 -- funded through the Washington Department of Vocational Rehabilitation) and enjoys the guidance of a Consumer Majority Advisory Board.

WATA activities include: information and referral, consultation, and training related to selection of AT devices, services and funding; legal advice and advocacy; policy development; and legislative action; technical consultation and training; publications, and development and maintenance of online resources. Keywords: Assistive Technologies