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WildMind Woman and Daisy

What Is WildMind?
What is WildMind Workshop?

Upcreek CoOp is designed and maintained by WildMind Woman and her dog Miss Daisy as a public interest annex to their personal website.  WildMind Woman and Daisy live upcreek from the Skagit River and have a salmon spawning creek running through their back yard.  WildMind Woman gathers information for her own needs and is sharing it in Upcreek CoOp. Upcreek CoOp will continue to reflect that bias.  Skagit Sharecropper projects are personal projects usually linked to a friend or particular community interest.  They are not likely to take on a broader "something for everyone" slant, but serendipity happens.  WildMind Woman's energy is limited, so you cannot count on a defined maintenance schedule.  We hope this site is useful to you anyway.

WildMind Woman is a writer and a life explorer who lives in the Skagit Valley of Northwest Washington state.  She had polio as a child of 8, and in 1987 developed post-polio syndrome that forced her to leave her career as a computer manager.   Before entering the computer profession, she was a teacher and educational researcher.   These websites are the result of WildMind Woman following her tinkering "bliss."  

Miss Daisy Upcreek is half golden retriever, half yellow lab.  She is a smiler and a talker with an amazingly sweet disposition and fewer bad habits than WildMind Woman.  Daisy was probably born about the end of January, 1996, just as WildMind Woman was starting another new life.   Daisy was waiting in that new life, and WildMind Woman found her in July, 1997, rescued from the humane society.  Thank you to her puppy raisers, whoever they were, and to the Skagitonians who helped and are still helping WildMind Woman train her.  Your dogs can become her pet pen-pals by sending e-mail to






What is WildMind?

"Western psychology calls wild mind the unconscious, but I think the unconscious is a limiting term. If it is true that we are all interpenetrated and interconnected, then wild mind includes mountains, rivers, Cadillacs, humidity, plains, emeralds, poverty, old streets in London, snow and moon. They are part of wild mind.  I do not consider even a dream unconscious. A dream is a being that travels from wild mind...into the conscious self to wake us up.

Natalie Goldberg
Wild Mind: Living the Writer's Life
(New York: Bantam Books, 1990)



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What is WildMind Workshop?

WildMind Workshop is the personal website of WildMind Woman, her dog Miss Daisy and their circles of friends.  Home is the Skagit Valley at the base of the North Cascades in northwestern Washington, where tulips and blueberries grow by the river, eagles nest, salmon spawn, and blue herons migrate along with trumpeter swans. 

WildMind Workshop is dreamtime, creation in progress.  Dream along; become a wildminder, too.  We are all interconnected.  Click the flying origami letter to e-mail your wildminder ideas; let them mingle and tingle with ours.  Help find bugs trapped in the web, so we can release them outdoors.  


Follow the tracks your spirit leaves for you. 
Follow your bliss. Follow your bliss.



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