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Tillicum workshops provide a place for people with similar sets of interests to come together and create and strengthen friendships while empowering themselves.  Tillicum workshops are different from traditional workshops because they come in sets, rather than being individual topics "taught" by some expert to a room full of novices.  Tillicum round-robin workshops are a set of get-togethers created when a group of people with multiple common interests and differing expertise come together to share. Some examples of possibilities are provided below:
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Personal Workshops:   5 individuals provide a 5 week "workshop" to which they each come and  to which each can bring  guests to any session.
Week 1: lesson in wreath making, with group practice
Week 2: advocacy letter writing night. Each person brings in a cause and explains it.      The group writes brief letters right then to approprite lawmakers, editors, etc.
Week 3: discussion group using Power of Myth videos by Joseph Campbell
Week 4: river float trip down the Skagit seeking eagles and spirituality
Week 5: lesson in foot massage with group practice.
Practical Workshops:  a set of 5 individuals provide a 5 week "workshop
Week 1: how to use the internet
Week 2: basics of writing funding proposals
Week 3: grill cooking secrets
Week 4: negotiating tricks of the trade
Week 5: first aid Q&A