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Up First Do No Harm PPS Intro PPS Reference By Date By Symptoms

constr1.gif (3604 bytes) We recommend this page as REQUIRED READING after First Do No Harm for someone new to Post-Polio Syndrome and for any doctor with a new PPS patient. This page focuses on overview materials about PPS for those who wish to give themselves, their doctors and their family a "basic training" about the disease and how to deal with it that goes one step beyond "First Do No Harm," and provides a context within which to seek other information specific to their own situation. Be sure to periodically check By Date to see the most recent publications.

What is PPS?- **Starting Point. Good article written by Tom Walter, a polio survivor. Found on Lincolnshire PPS Site, one of the most comprehensive resourcesA brief but concise overview of Post-Polio Syndrome.
PPS Terminology *Starting Point. Good glossary written by Tom WalterYou may need some of these terms to understand other things you read.
Polio Experience Network PPS in 2 minutes. Located in Spokane, WA. They Publish Pen & Ink newsletter, a good source for information. They have a mail-out service for articles not available elsewhere.
Post-Polio Syndrome Dr. Lauro Halstead's 4/98 Scientific American article gives an readable and reliable overview of the whole picture.
An Approach to the Patient with Suspected Post Polio Syndrome The Medical Advisory Board to the Easter Seal Society of Washington has revised a pamphlet originally written by Dr. Anderson that is directed to medical professionals.  This is a very good resource if you are looking for some material to provide to your own doctor. 
True Answers for Friends & Family by Richard L. Bruno, Ph.D. and the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation. This is an excellent introductory brochure.
Summary of Symptoms and Effects Compiled by the Post Polio League.
A Pound of Prevention is Worth a Ton of Therapy If you do not have any symptoms of PPS, what should you do? This article may provide some help
*Quick Start Guide to PPS by Phillip Childress *Starting point. . Oriented toward polio survivors with recent PPS. Has Dr. Lauro Halstead's 4/98 Scientific American Article, links to basic sites, plus a few other links not usually seen. General advice and background on topics like finding a doctor, etc.