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  Like the nursery rhyme character, Chicken Little, some people are yelling "Y2K ... the sky is falling, the sky is falling." The Upcreek Chicken Little Club is a webpage to help neighborhoods or other groups of friends and family take cooperative steps for the common good to minimize the impact on their lives of the Year 20000 (Y2K) computer problem  ... just in case a piece of sky actually falls.  Society at large probably will come to grips with most problems by February, 2000. If we assume a neighborhood group equivalent to 30 people (about 10 households, we need a 30-30 plan to sustain a worst-case scenario of 30 people for 30 days even if the sky really is falling, Chicken Little. If not, the Chicken Little Club will have strengthened friendships and benefitted us all by giving us a neighborhood plan for earthquakes, floods, or future falling sky.

Henny Penny Planning Party
Ducky Lucky Stamp Licking Party
Foxy Locksy Failsafe Party            

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A favorite cartoon from our days working at a bank shows Chicken Little running into the office of a prosperous financier, yelling "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

The balloon over the banker's head says:

"Buy sky."
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    Henny Penny Planning Party

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Examples are from Mt. Vernon, Washington, in Skagit County

anim_czone_sm.gif (6262 bytes) more to come Henny Penny was the first person Chicken Little told the sky was falling (after a seed fell on his tail).  The first step should be to sit down and make a plan, just in case, instead of running around crazily like the nursery rhyme characters. Have a planning potluck party and brainstorm, sharing info on people's talents, needs, concerns, etc. Whose house will stay warm? Where will we store toilet paper?  What if somebody breaks a leg?
    Ducky Lucky Stamp Licking Party

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Form Letter

anim_czone_sm.gif (6262 bytes) more to come

At the Henny Penny Party, make a list of everybody's banks, automobiles, and other critical equipment like wheelchairs, nebulizers, etc.  Then separately, have a letter writing party, where a smaller group gets together for coffee and looks up addresses, writes and sends out letters asking our banks, government, and companies what is their Y2K compliance status, plans, etc. (computer will make this process pretty easy, so lots of visiting can take place).  This way busy lives and procrastinating on the part of individuals won't prevent them from getting needed info. When responses come in, have another Ducky Lucky party (now you know why we are the "lucky" group) to copy compliance responses and distribute them to neighbors' mailboxes and to the local newspaper via letter to editor.
    Foxy Locksey Failsafe Party

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anim_czone_sm.gif (6262 bytes) more to come The Foxy Locksey party is held AFTER a 24-36 hour simulated Y2K day test where everyone turns off power, water, etc. and tries out the plan  by actually LIVING as if the sky were falling.  Remember, it was in Foxy Lockseys den where the nursery rhyme folks ended up. Here we share experiences and fix problem areas ... before January.

Compliance Form Letter


Dear ____________________________,

(anim_czone_sm.gif (6262 bytes)letter will go here soonwhen I have written it.)


Justin Case