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The Year 2000 (Y2K) situation in the world of computing has us all asking questions about the impact on our lives.  The Upcreek Y2K = ME4U page focuses on providing answers and information on how we can work cooperatively for the common good, informing ourselves and helping minimize problems for family, neighbors and community. Our goal here is to provide information and help with planning at the personal and neighborhood level.  Our focus is common sense.  

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  Chicken Little Club

Feb99 Will it Work? Will It Work is the premier source of contact information for all businesses searching for Y2K compliance statements for their equipment. With the year 2000 fast approaching, our full-featured search engine will deliver results quickly and efficiently, saving businesses valuable time. New vendor listings are constantly being added, not to mention new website features, so check back often.
Feb99 Y2K Corporate Disclosure Database


includes a database of the Year 2000 disclosure statements of the S&P 500 Corporations as they appear in the annual and quarterly reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission since the start of 1998. Users are encouraged to join this project by analyzing, comparing and contrasting the corporate statements. Use this resource to check on what your car manufacturer has done to see if your car will still run, to check on what companies in which you invest say they are doing, etc.   Look for specifics, not vague generalities.  For example, General Motors says they have already checked the microprocessors in all vehicles they manufactured for the past 15 years and have found all are OK except one which turns on an oil change warning light by mistake.
Feb99 Securities Industry Y2K Databases
   Broker-Dealer Database
   Mutual Fund Database
   Investment Adviser Database
   Transfer Agent Database
SEC Searchable database of Securities Industry Y2K Readiness Information IF YOU THINK ALL BROKERS ARE THE SAME ON Y2K ISSUES LOOK AT ANY 3 (we checked Datek, E*Trade and Schwab ... and were amazed at differences in staffing, funding and compliance levels). Use this resource to check on your mutual funds, broker, investment advisors, etc. This information is very detailed and include the name of the person in the organization responsible for compliance, the 1998,99 and 2000 budget and plan details, whether a third party firm has been hired to help with system modifications, etc.  Whether they have identified their mission critical systems and know if they will be compliant and if so what % is completed now and what is the target date for compliance. Be sure to look at the 3rd parties they depend on and their readiness as well as the primary broker, etc.
Feb99, Questions for Investors to Ask Good set of questions prepared by the Securiies and Exchange Commission.  Use these questions as the basis for letters to companies in which you invest and ask your mutual fund, 401K plan and retirement plan managers what answers to these questions they have assembled for the companies in which their fund invests and how they have evaluated the answers.
Feb99 Washington State Banks - Y2K Contacts From the Washington State Department of Financial Institutiions.  Names, addresses and phone numbers. State Bank of Concrete and Skagit State Bank are listed ... Seafirst is not ???????
Feb99 State of Washington - Year 2000 Project
Puget Sound Energy -
for Year 2000 information call toll-free 888-225-5773
Sep98 Snap! on the Millennium Bug [y2K; Year 2000; computers] Will the world's computer systems crash on January 1, 2000, plunging nations into widespread chaos? Or will minor glitches mar a few desktops when computers read the date as 1900? Use these news sources and online tools to count down to Y2K on the Web. Includes news stories, excellent links to all sorts of info. Best single source we've found, yet.
Oct98 Yahoo! Full Coverage - Year 2000 Problem [y2K; Year 2000; computers] Yahoo's set of news stories for Y2k.  Excellent as usual.
Dec98 Beware of these Dates Article by ABC news and the Gartner group about dates beginning with 9/9/99 and going through 2001 where critical things happen that may cause problems. 
Sep98 6th Quarterly Report -- Progress on Year 2000 Conversion [y2K; Year 2000; computers] US Federal Gov't Information CIO and OMB dated 9/9/98 
Sep98 Healthcare's Year 2000 Information Clearinghouse [y2K; Year 2000; computers] We haven't been able to preview this site yet.
Oct98 Preparing Your Personal Finances for the Year 2000 [y2K; Year 2000; computers] Many consumer financial services providers, such as banks, mortgage companies, investment firms, and credit card issuers rely on computer systems to perform a variety of date-sensitive functions, including:

Calculating interest and other charges Tracking deposit, loan, and lease payments Transferring funds electronically
Producing billing or other periodic statements

[y2K; Year 2000; computers] functions could create problems with your personal finances, such as:

Delays in clearing checks
Billing errors or inaccurate crediting or debiting of transactions
Improper delinquency notices, penalties, or late fees
Inaccurate credit reporting

Sep98 Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem [y2K; Year 2000; computers] Report dated 9/15/98
Sep98 SIM Year 2000 Working Group [y2K; Year 2000; computers] A forum and conference for computer professionals actually trying to deal with the Y2K problem. In depth look at key topics. SIM is an educational group that hosts a best practices site for managers dealing with Y2K compliance. Their virtual conference is structured to allow self-paced learning for Y2K project managers
Oct98 Techwire Y2K page [y2K; Year 2000; computers] Investor news page on year 2000 issues.
Sep98 The Y2Kinfo Home Page [y2K; Year 2000; computers] Excellent site with good links to government, financial and healthcare sites.
Sep98 Y2K in WA [y2K; Year 2000; computers] Washington State government page.  Problems with PC Hardware Are you aware of the three clocks in your PC? Have you checked them? Do You Know? One expert tested 500 types of pre-1997 PCs and 93% of them failed. What is the problem? What may be affected? Tools including guidelines...
Oct98 Y2K News Magazine  [y2K; Year 2000; computers; news]  Has news archive, updates, etc. Pulls items from print media throughout world
Sep98 Y2K Cartoon Break [y2K; Year 2000; computers] Lots of cartoons to take the edge off of remediation. Cartoons can also be downloaded for free. Stop by for fun.