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The focus of the Upcreek Post-Polio page is on personal empowerment. In China, and in early Celtic tradition, the dragon is the symbol of learning and wisdom, rather than a symbol of evil to fight as in the west.  The Upcreek post-polio site is dedicated to our growing wisdom, to learning to live with the dragon and to sing harmony with its latest song, even while we are tied in knots by circumstance.   We hope this limited scope site will supplement the many wonderful and more ambitious post-polio sites on the web.   See the disAbilities and Healthcare pages for related information.

Celtic Dragon

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Quotes of the Page

Drumsound rises on the air,
its throb, my heart.
A voice inside the beat
says, "I know you're tired,
but come. This is the way."



"Life is an adventure, or it's nothing at all."

                          Helen Keller                                                     Top